Banjalučka pivara

Banjalučka pivara
CEO: Nicholas Penny
Address: Slatinska 8,
78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel: +387 51 334 123
Fax: +387 51 315 663
Since its establishment in the distant year of 1873, the Banjalučka pivara works in accord with its customers'''' preferences, and it is completely dedicated to progress and improvement of the quality of its products. That is one way of meeting the needs of its 254 employees and several hundred suppliers from BiH which it cooperates with.

The Pivara recognizes the needs of the local community, and sets the responsibility towards it as one of the highest business priorities, on account of which it participates in more than 400 socially responsible activities annually.  With a tradition of over 140 years, the Banjalučka pivara is one of the largest companies in the food industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within its sole activity – brewing, the Banjalučka pivara meets the highest quality standards and socially responsible business.

The company has set the environmental protection as one of the priority directions of its business. Accordingly, 85% of packaging is returnable, and the company actively works on an efficient usage of water and energy, purification of waste water and recycling. Thus, in the past seven years, the Banjalučka pivara has recycled over 7,000 tons of glass, metal, paper, plastic and wood.

In its selection, the Banjalučka pivara has eight different products: Nektar, Crni Đorđe, Kaltenberg, Kaltenberg Hefe – Weissbier, Nektar lemon, Nektar red grapefruit, Gros and Kastel. The most famous brand, Nektar, has been awarded with a gold medal several times at the Monde Selection quality competition, and has won many other awards at European and regional fairs.

The highest quality standards, the best barley, coupled with state-of-the-art brewing technology are recognized even beyond Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the past year, 476,500HL of beer has been produced, and the Pivara also has the production capacity that allows it to expand beyond the BiH market. The Banjalučka pivara exports its products to: Australia, USA, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, England, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Slovenia, India and Poland.

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